Sera Luce Venetian Spritz

Justin & Rachel Pass

Saturday, May 11, 2024 at the Grand Tasting Reception

Sera Luce Venetian Spritz – An Iconic Aperitivo Cocktail! Inspired by an Italian classic, Sera Luce awakens your palate with the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. Infused with Valencia orange, a bouquet of bitter and savory herbs, and other traditional botanicals, our bubbly wine cocktail invites you to slow down and savor la dolce vita!

For over a century, cosmopolitan Italians have gathered in the evening hours between work and dinner to partake in the ritual known as Aperitivo, a daily social gathering that includes pre-dinner drinks accompanied by snacks. The term comes from the Latin word meaning “to open,” as in a beverage to open the appetite by stimulating the palate and stomach. In its modern Italian form, the word holds equal weight in describing the hour and spirit of the evening tradition as much is it does the beverages themselves. 

A staple of Aperitivo culture, the Spritz Veneziano (Venetian Spritz) is said to date back to the early 1800’s, when the Veneto region was under Austrian rule. Not accustomed to the regional wines, which were higher in alcohol than those of their homeland, newly relocated Hapsburg officials would ask their local hosts to add a splash of water (spritzen in German). The trend caught on and, over time, variations on the cocktail evolved to include additions like carbonated water, bitters, herbal wines, and exotic citrus liqueurs. 

Available in a convenient 250ml can, Sera Luce is a Venetian Spritz that is ready to drink anywhere. Simply open a chilled can or pour over ice to enjoy this refreshing cocktail, and feel transported to that magical time of day that Italians know so well