Early Mountain Vineyards

Ben Jordan
Madison, Virginia

Wednesday, May 9th at the Congress Has Heart Reception and Collectors Dinner

Early Mountain Vineyards, Madison, Virginia  

At the foot of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, nature is at once graceful and fierce. Early Mountain’s award-winning wines are made here through a combination of ingenuity and true grit. We carefully tend every vine of our mountain fruit so the wine that emerges from the cellar is a clear descendant of the harvest — a unique wine that respects its heritage while embracing evolution and adventure. Virginian through and through.  


A native Virginian, Ben oversees all aspects of winemaking, vineyards, and production at Early Mountain. When it comes to Virginia wine, Ben’s passion is apparent and contagious.  Earning a Bachelor of Science from Duke University and then an MFA from Carnegie Mellon, Ben caught the wine bug working for a retailer while trying his hand at playwriting in New York City.  In 2007, he moved to the Bay Area to apprentice at Anthill Farms in the Anderson Valley. His love for wine grew deeper yet as the Assistant Winemaker for C. Donatiello Winery, and later Dutcher Crossing Winery.  

 After honing his craft out West, Ben was eager to return home to join Virginia’s burgeoning wine industry. Seeing potential for incredible vineyards throughout this beautiful state, Ben knew the ascent of Virginia wines was only beginning.  Today, Ben brings his creative approach to the winery much as he did as a playwright, layering expression on top of structure in his quest to craft the highest quality wines for Early Mountain. This mission to craft quality wines starts with his commitment to the vineyard and expression of place.