Bodegas Pinea

Hugo del Pozzo
Bodegas Pinea

Thursday, May 18th at the Winemaker Dinner Series

Friday, May 19th at the Trade Tasting 
Saturday, May 20th at the Grand Tasting Reception

Childhood friends Vicente Pliego and Hugo Del Pozzo founded their winery with a simple but ambitious purpose: to produce some of the best wines in the world. Every step of PINEA’s winemaking process is anchored by passionate viticulture (organic, bio-dynamic) and attention to detail to allow the fruit be the star. PINEA wines represent the perfect confluence of elements in the highest elevations of the Ribera del Duero; chalky lime soils, gentle slopes with nearly 360-degree exposition, and daunting weather with seasonal extremes ranging from cold snowy winters to very hot summer days.  Deeply structured rooting systems allow for vines to overcome the elements without artificial irrigation and the fruit benefits from common 40-degree diurnal nocturnal temperature shifts. The hard work in viticulture, artistry in winemaking, and patient aging reaches its causa est when our patrons place a glass of PINEA wine under their nose and introduce it to their palate. Our reward is creating minutes of pleasure by awakening your senses and in so doing, becoming part of memorable moments.


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