2017 Wines

Château Smith Haut Lafitte

Florence and Daniel Cathiard

Wednesday, May 10 Collectors Dinner
Thursday, May 11 Embassy & Winemaker Dinner Series and Collectors Dinner
Friday, May 12 Vintners Dinner & Auction
Saturday, May 13 Bordeaux Master Class and Grand Tasting

Château Smith Haut Lafitte whose vines were planted here in the 14th century by the Verrier du Bosq family related to the Duke de Valois, owes its reputation as “the quintessential Graves” and its characteristic smoky notes to its gravelly rises of river stones and semi-precious stones deposited by the Garonne River a million years ago.

In 1990, Florence and Daniel Cathiard fell in love with the property and decided to further enhance Château Smith Haut Lafitte’s tradition of excellence with the help of their daughter Alice Cathiard Tourbier.

“We decided to change our lifestyle and live in this prestigious location. We then put together a talented, motivated team to share our passion with us every day. Our philosophy can be summed up in one sentence: to do everything possible to make each vintage of red and white wine worthy of our magnificent terroir.”