2024 Chefs

Richard Wagner


Saturday, May 11, 2024 at the Grand Tasting Reception

Supra (‘sü-prǝ)


  1. A traditional tablecloth characteristic of the Republic of Georgia
  2. A Georgian feast featuring an abundance of food, wine, and toasts (sometimes poetic, often lengthy, occasionally punctuated by song)
  3. DC’s first restaurant featuring all of the above

Supra is proud to offer an all-Georgian wine list – the largest outside Georgia – featuring a number of the 527 grape varieties native to Georgia. Many of our wines are fermented and aged in the terra cotta vessels called qvevri that have become the symbol of traditional Georgian winemaking, and we are proud to offer the world’s first qvevri-fermented sparkling wine (the Orgo Blanc de Blancs) along with other Georgian reds, whites, and ambers, still and sparkling, dessert wines, brandies, and the country’s signature spirit, chacha.  Supra features a Georgian menu representing the full range of the country’s diverse culinary landscape for dinner, lunch, and weekend brunch, as well as a daily happy hour.

The Culinary Team, led by Chef Elias Avendano, offers refined takes on Georgian classics and original dishes built on Georgian flavors.  In doing so, they ensure that Supra maintains a balance between the traditional and the contemporary, ensuring authenticity while respecting the Georgian ethos of using seasonal and local ingredients.

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