Really Good Boxed Wine

Jake Whitman

Saturday, May 7, 2022, Grand Tasting Reception

Really Good Boxed Wine combats the misconception that great wine can’t be put in a box. We partner with world-class vineyards and award-winning winemakers around the world to make ultra-premium wine, put it in the boxed wine format, and sell it direct-to-consumer at

We love the heritage and tradition of wine, it’s extraordinary. But we also believe it’s time for some change. We see an opportunity for improvement and efficiency. An opportunity for growth and progress.

Our approach is a balance. We step one foot firmly into the future – embracing new, open-minded ways of looking at the industry. We’re eliminating bottles and corks, which reduces packaging costs and lowers our environmental footprint. We’re putting it in a more convenient vessel that conveniently fits the modern wine drinker’s schedule and lifestyle.

Our other foot remains in the past—respecting the earth and winemaking tradition. The best wine is made in the vineyard, from vines that are well-tended and grown in the right climate, with minimal intervention during the winemaking process, and cared for by world-class winemakers. We form relationships directly with these producers to source our wine, not big corporations or anonymous brokers.

At the end of the day, we believe we’ve found a better way to help wine lovers enjoy more of what they love. It’s better wine in a better format, that’s better for the environment and for a better price. That’s Really Good Boxed Wine.


The Future is why.