Blackwater Distilling

Blackwater Distilling
Vince Tyson

Saturday, May 2, 2020 Grand Tasting Reception

We are Maryland’s spirit.

Lifelong Marylanders, Christopher Cook & Jonathan Cook started Blackwater Distilling in 2008 because they were irresistibly drawn to their state’s unique distilling history.

Before Prohibition, Maryland produced what was widely regarded to be the nation’s finest whiskey, a distinct style called Maryland Rye. During the 13 years of Prohibition, Maryland’s enterprising farmers continued to turn their plentiful harvests into high-proof “swamp lightning” in stills hidden among the coves, inlets and marshes of the Chesapeake. Oystermen and crabbers smuggled the “good stuff” up and down the Bay, evading Federal Revenue agents and the Coast Guard, finding safe haven among the close-lipped communities that lined the tidewater.

Today, as Maryland’s first fully licensed distillery to open since the early 1970’s, we are committed to cultivating that independent spirit by making distinctive craft spirits that stand apart from the crowd, using the most exceptional ingredients, and furthering our rich Chesapeake Bay heritage. Few times in life does one truly have the opportunity to ‘pioneer’ an old way of life. They would like for you to join them on the adventure!