2023 Chefs

Paris, France

Born on August 6th, 1948 in Pont de Beauvoisin in Isère into a family enrooted in a deep love for cooking, Rostang’s transmission of the culinary know-how continues his family’s five generation history of gastronomic adoration.

After an apprenticeship to Ecole Hôtelière in Nice and trainings at Lasserre & Lucas Carton in Paris and Laporte in Biaritz, Michel joined the family restaurant in Sassenage from 1973 to 1978. His story started a new chapter in August 1978 when he decided to open his restaurant in the 17th district of Paris, and one year later successively obtained his first Michelin Star. His second Michelin Star followed shortly in 1980.

Michel Rostang now owns 7 establishments including Michel Rostang, Bistrot d’à Côté Le Flaubert, Bistrot d’à Côté La Boutarde, Bistrot d’à Côté L’Absinthe, Dessirier, Jarrasse and The French Brasserie (Dubai).

Michel Rostang’s cooking is centered around his choice of products. The product is in the heart of the creation, as he celebrates the earth and the sea, the cooked and the uncooked, the crisp and the softness, with seasonal products always reinterpreted under different forms. What Michel Rostang likes most is to marry the traditional cooking of his roots with the creative cooking of his time.

A chef well surrounded by family, his wife, Marie Claude, helps him to balance his life as a family man, head chef and manager. He also counts on his two daughters, Caroline and Sophie , as he shares with them a deep appreciation for cooking full of colors, smells and flavors.