2023 Chefs

Marc Hennessy

Rare Steakhouse and Tavern

Washington, DC

Featured:  Thursday, March 7th at the Embassy & Winemaker Dinner Series

Executive Chef Marc Hennessy, a native of the south Chicago suburbs, has been working in restaurants and kitchens for more than 20 years.  Working with JW Marriott and Renaissance hotels and resorts he has traveled from Chicago to Phoenix AZ and Sonoma CA embracing the foods of the southwest and California wine country.  Then joining BLT restaurants, worked with acclaimed Chefs Laurent Tourondel & David Burke in Phoenix, Hong Kong and Washington DC.  Chef Marc Hennessy is now the executive chef of RARE Steakhouse and Tavern just steps from the White House where he brings the best qualities of world-class dining with USDA Prime, dry-aged steaks, exquisite wines and first-class service bolstered with Midwestern charm.

Do you have a personal connection with heart disease and/or stroke that you would like to share?

My Grandfather beat two strokes and a triple bypass to go on to live into his 90’s.  A very strong man.