2023 Chefs

Joancarlo Parkhurst

La Famosa


Saturday, May 7, 2022 at Grand Tasting & Auction

La Famosa brings soulful Puerto Rican cooking to Washington, DC’s Navy Yard neighborhood. The food is humble and comforting, and true to the island’s rich history, it’s creative through adversity approach displays the many cultural influences from indigenous Tainos to the African diaspora.

Chef and owner Joancarlo Parkhurst was born in Puerto Rico, and has vivid memories of a food-centric upbringing where he spent countless hours in the kitchen with his grandmother, fondly known as “Mamita.” Respected for her baking artistry and talent for cooking, “Mamita” would prepare classic Puerto Rican dishes that today evoke a strong sense of comfort and joy for Parkhurst. Despite moving to Manhattan with his family at age five, the flavors and culture of the Caribbean island are deeply rooted in him thanks to frequent return visits to Mamita’s kitchen.


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