2023 Chefs

Keith Bombaugh



Thursday, April 30, 2020 Winemaker Dinner Series
Saturday, May 2nd at the Grand Tasting & Auction

In July 2018, restaurateur Hakan Ilhan announced the appointment of Keith Bombaugh as the executive chef of one of Washington, DC’s most prestigious downtown restaurants, Mirabelle, located one block from the White House at 900 Sixteenth Street, NW.  Bombaugh relocated to the nation’s capital from Boston, MA where he previous served as the chef de cuisine of Meritage under Chef Daniel Bruce of The Boston Harbor Hotel, a Forbes Five Star Property. 

 Bombaugh got his start in 2011 by the notable Barbara Lynch, a leading figure in the culinary world, upon his graduation from Le Cordon Bleu. She noted his work ethic and skills, placing him at her prominent restaurant, Menton, in Boston. An exceptional mentor for Bombaugh, Lynch was included in Time Magazine’s “Top 100 Most Influential People of the Year” for her pioneering contributions in the culinary world and her focus on local wealth creation through agronomy in 2017. 

In 2013, he moved on to work as the chef de party under Grant Achatz and restaurateur Nick Kokonas at the three-star Michelin Chicago restaurant, Alinea. He went on to ascend the ranks to become the senior sous chef. The experience of cooking at one world’s best restaurants had a profound influence on the way Bombaugh thinks about food and dining.   

 Bombaugh executed the skills needed to handle a fine dining restaurant at Meritage, located on the waterfront in Boston, MA. Meritage has received numerous culinary praises for food, wine and service allowing for Bombaugh to receive high praise for his culinary innovation. 

 Today, Bombaugh brings to Washington a view point well-honed from experience that fine dining is whatever a guest wishes to make of itSavoring a beautiful restaurant, affording one an opportunity to escape and enjoy, building wonderful memories while exploring food are the three cornerstones of his philosophy. Guests at the 147-seat Mirabelle can anticipate a modern contemporary interpretation of the global influence of French cuisine and its techniques.