2023 Chefs

Danielle Battle

Private Chef

Washington, DC

Featured: Saturday Grand Tasting & Auction

Danielle Battle is passionate about food, and the experience that dining in and out can provide for the gastronomically adventurous and the chef. She grew up in Brooklyn, inspired to cook by her Grandmothers. One Italian and one Puerto Rican, she learned the deep roots in food and cooking that come from both cultures. She has now worked in the food service industry for twelve years, bisected by a tour in the army. She has worked in DC restaurants for five years, with time at New Heights and 1905. Last year she decided to take herself out of kitchens and become a self-employed private chef. While not an easy employment path, she now has the opportunity to explore and create original recipes with the intention of publishing a cookbook for home gourmet chefs. She looks forward to continuing to build her business, and to creating and cooking new and satisfying dishes for her clients and her family.