2023 Chefs

Massimo Fabbri

San Lorenzo Ristorante + Bar

Washington, DC

Thursday, May 10th at the Embassy & Winemaker Dinner Series

Executive Chef Massimo Fabbri grew up in Monsummano Terme, 30 miles northwest of Florence, Italy.  As a boy, he aspired to be a chef, enrolling himself at the age of 14 at the hotel school at the Alberghiere F. Martini (famously located in nearby Montecatini Terme).  Within a year, Fabbri was working at the four-star Parma & Oriente hotel.  After graduation, Fabbri accepted a position in London at the Tuscan restaurant L’Ombrello, where he discovered his passion for sharing his culture and cuisine.  In 2001, Fabbri fulfilled another dream when he moved to America, immediately joining Tosca’s current managing partner, Paolo Sacco, at Terrazza.  When Sacco opened Tosca late that year, Fabbri joined him, gaining appreciation for simple, yet elegant, dishes crafted from locally grown products.  While his time at Tosca afforded Fabbri new perspectives on food, he returned to his native Italy in 2002.  For almost two years, he delighted patrons in several upscale hotels in Montecatini Terme and villas in Florence with his Tuscan specialties.  Fortunately for Tosca, Fabbri returned to Washington in 2004.  Enthused by his time in Italy, he re-dedicated himself to Tosca’s kitchen and clientele, enhancing Tosca’s reputation as one of the most prestigious restaurants in our nations’ capital. As executive chef, Fabbri enjoys openinghis kitchen to customers and takes exceptional pride presenting his unique, multi-course meal to those lucky few who reserve the restaurant’s kitchen table.

In the Spring of 2018 Fabbri will open San Lorenzo, which pays homage to Massimo’s son Lorenzo, his Tuscan roots, and his favorite neighborhood in Florence, Italy.