2023 Chefs


John’s interest in food began with his grandfather, an international pilot for Northwest Airlines who had picked up a passion for French cooking in his travels. Spending long periods of time together, Anderes experienced French cooking with local produce at an early age, something that is reflected in his cooking today.

Anderes grew up in Minneapolis and Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where he worked his way through the restaurant industry from the ground up, bussing tables, delivering pizzas, and washing dishes. In Oshkosh, he began cooking at a local pub/grill, and with some guidance from a helpful kitchen manager, decided to go to culinary school at Minneapolis’ Art Institute International.

His career in Chicago began at the short-lived, yet beloved Charlieʼs on Leavitt, where he was the Sous Chef. He then set his sights on avec, and would stop at nothing to work with Chef Koren Grieveson, the master of Mediterranean peasant cuisine. After three to four stages, he joined the avec team and stayed for four years, working his way up to become the Sous Chef.

Eager to strike out on his own, Anderes joined the Telegraph team as Chef in the spring of 2011. At Telegraph, he turns his focus on the dark corners of rustic cuisines the world over to the wine-producing regions of Europe, giving him a wide scope of styles and ingredients to play with.