2023 Chefs

Javier Romero

Taberna del Alabardero

Washington, DC

Featured: Saturday Grand Tasting & Auction

A visit to the Nation’s Capitol a few years ago made Chef Javier Romero realize one thing…he knew this was his next destined move. Javier was born and raised in Madrid, and was driven to cooking at the young age of 16. With his grandmother by his side, Javier started understanding the importance of a good meal.

“Eating is the most important thing for people, and watching others eat something that satisfies them also satisfies me”.

After attending culinary school, Javier received his first cooking job in Aranjuez, Spain, Castle of 1806. He began entering in various cooking contests, and was crowned Chef Cook of the Year in Madrid in 2005 and in 2006, he took 4th place in all of Spain.

Working together as a team in the kitchen is top priority, and Chef Javier’s vision is to make guests aware of the Spanish gastronomic experience while incorporating American trends.