2023 Chefs


Henry Adaniya has an interesting story.  Having lived in Chicago for many years, he left a legacy in fine dining at his renown Mobil 5-Star restaurant Trio to realize a lifelong dream. He returned home to his family’s Hawaiian Island roots and in 2007 opened a gourmet hot dog stand!  Given his background of course, it wouldn’t be anything less than spectacular!  Innovative creativity and  unique vision are his trademarks as he takes, once again, the ordinary into extraordinary.

Adaniya’s new passion is called Hank’s Haute Dogs and it has swept Honolulu foodies off their feet.  Hank’s sets precedence in this concept by creating a fast food eatery of impeccable quality, creativity and service.  It quickly drew attention of local media and in 2009 Bon Appetit named it in “Best New Places for Hot Dog”.  Recognition awards continued to come in then in late 2009 the Diners, Drive-In and Dives series on Food Network came to Hawaii and picked hank’s as one of its feature.  Now it’s become a destination eatery, which is nothing new to Adaniya’s acclaimed past. Haute Dog!