Early Mountain Vineyards

Ben Jordan
Madison, Virginia

Wednesday, May 9th at the Congress Has Heart Reception and Collectors Dinner

At the foot of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, nature is at once graceful and fierce. Early Mountain wines are made through a combination of ingenuity and true grit. Each year we listen to what vine, soil, and climate tell us. This is essential to creating and appreciating extraordinary wine. We gently tend to every vine and cluster so the wine that emerges from the cellar is a clear descendent of the fruit at harvest — a unique wine that respects its heritage while embracing evolution and adventure. Virginian through and through.

Our winemaker, Ben Jordan, is a native Virginian who began his winemaker career in Sonoma County with Dutcher Crossing and C. Donatiello wineries. Prior to Early Mountain, Ben worked with Michael Shaps at Virginia Wineworks. Ben also helps run his family’s vineyard in the Shenandoah Valley and makes an aromatized wine called War & Rust. Outside of the wine world, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters. He is a graduate of Duke University and received his master’s from Carnegie Mellon University.