2017 Wines

Château Lafon-Rochet

Lucas Leclercq

Wednesday, May 10 Collectors Dinner
Thursday, May 11 Embassy & Winemaker Dinner Series
Friday, May 12 Vintners Dinner & Auction
Saturday, May 13 Bordeaux Master Class and Grand Tasting

The origin of the “Rochet” name lies quite obviously in the word “roches”, as in the “rocks” that make up the soil of the Lafon-Rochet domain. Over the course of thousands of years, crumbling rocks from the far-off Massif Central and Pyrenee mountains were ferried by the Dordogne and Garonne rivers, eroded into pebbles and deposited in the limestone subsoil of Saint-Estèphe, creating a landscape of gentle, well-drained hills featuring a deep layer of gravel. Three generations of Tesseron have been dedicating there life to this 45 hectars estate, paying much respect to the terroir and the vines. With one simple light motif: “The real King is the Wine and we are taking care of his highness.”