2017 Wines

Château Climens

Bérénice Lurton

Wednesday, May 10 Collectors Dinner
Thursday, May 11 Embassy & Winemaker Dinner Series
Friday, May 12 Vintners Dinner & Auction
Saturday, May 13 Bordeaux Master Class and Grand Tasting

Very early on, the prestigious growth Château Climens became known as “Lord of Barsac”. Its history is characterised indeed by great continuity which has enabled its owners to get the best out of this exceptional  terrior.

Only five families have owned the estate from its origins and its surface area in a continuous single vineyard of 74 acreshas practically remained unchanged since the 16th century. Guirault Roborel, the king’s Attorney General in Barsac inherited it from his father  in 1547 and it  remained in the hands of his family – who added the name ‘Climens’ to its own  – until the beginning of the 19th century. When classified First Growth in 1855, it belonged to a wine merchant named Eloi Lacoste. From 1880 on, the property was owned by the Gounouilhou family. In 1971, the finesse of Climens wines convinced Lucien Lurton, the owner of several famous classified growths in the Médoc, to purchase the estate. Ever since 1992, his daughter Bérénice Lurton has taken great care in perpetuating the magic.