Mitch Bainwol

Heart’s Delight Chairman

Mitch Bainwol
President and CEO
Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers

Mitch Bainwol is President and CEO of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the leading trade association representing automakers selling new vehicles in the United States. The Auto Alliance represents 12 iconic automakers — from the U.S., Europe and Japan — on a range of safety, environmental and technology issues before Congress, the Executive Branch and state legislatures.

Bainwol is a strong advocate for market-driven government policies to advance an innovation agenda. “We’re on the precipice of a golden era in mobility. Our roads are going to be far safer than ever, and the environmental benefits are enormous,” according to Bainwol. “In today’s world, safer cars are green cars. The faster we can usher in the future, the better.”

Since coming to the Auto Alliance in September 2011, Bainwol has given consumers a larger voice in auto policy through development of the Alliance Auto Index, a national public opinion survey reaching nearly 60,000 people annually to provide insights into consumer attitudes about auto- related issues.

Bainwol is recognized for his leadership during transitions, building coalitions and fostering bipartisan political engagement. While chairman and CEO of the Recording Industry Association of America (2003-2011), Bainwol helped the music industry adjust to the new digital world by curbing piracy and protecting intellectual property rights. Bainwol is now leading the auto industry’s efforts to develop public policy initiatives to accelerate automation and connectivity. “In the music space, innovation was a threat, because technology enabled theft. In the auto industry, I’m in a world with massive technology companies who build vehicles. Technology is not a threat to our business model; it’s the enabler of the future,” said Bainwol.

Bainwol is widely recognized for his campaign capabilities and knowledge of government processes. He spent 25 years in federal policymaking and politics, including serving as chief of staff to two U.S. Senators and two political committees. The Washington Post called Mr. Bainwol a “Top D.C. Lobbyist and Man in Demand.”  Capitol Hill’s Roll Call newspaper included him as one of the 50 most influential “politicos” in Washington. Campaigns and Elections magazine named him a “Mover and Shaker.”

Bainwol began his career as a budget analyst in President Ronald Reagan’s Office of Management and Budget. He earned an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and an M.B.A. from Rice University.

Mr. Bainwol was born in Munich where his father was stationed. He grew up in Germany, the Canal Zone, Maryland, and Thailand before graduating from Frankfurt American High School. He and his wife, Susan, have three children. He has been active in a variety of charities and non-profits, including Leadership Music, National Fatherhood Initiative, the Bryce Harlow Foundation and Heart’s Delight.


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