2023 Chefs

New York

Executive Chef Charmain Sithappah grew up in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Her love and passion of food and cooking began at an early age as she grew up in a restaurant environment, surrounded by chefs who specialized in authentic Zulu, Xhosa Malay, Afrikaans and Indian cuisines. Her fascination with food was developed by her mother’s love of herbs, fresh vegetable and fruit which they picked from their gardens and create exotic dishes and delicious chutneys. This still inspires Chef Charmin to use seasonal, local and fresh ingredients in all her cooking. Her adventurous spirit led her to travel to many parts of Africa, India, China, Europe, Canada and several exotic countries. She was inspired by the aromas, spices and flavors of ethnic cuisines and incorporated and blended them into the foods of her native country creating her own unique style of cooking. Settling in New York where her fascination with food continues and in 2004, her entrepreneurial spirit led to her to start her own catering company, “The Seasoned Pot” as the sole owner and executive chef.  She is well known for her diverse and creative cooking skills and most of her business is generated by word of mouth. Some of her clients include the South African Consulate General, S. A. Permanent Mission to U.N., Zambian Mission. The Riverside Church, The Desmond Tutu Foundation, South African Tourism, National Council of Women at U.N. Consulate General of Angola, Botswana Mission, The Kingdom of Swaziland. The Harlem School of the Arts, The Schomburg Center, Rutgers University and many others.